Vol 36 (4) 2018 – Écrits

Violence and aggression: a lacanian perspective

Although psychiatry often has to work with aggressive patients, the huge amount of coercion and exclusion based on aggression, teaches us that psychiatry does not know how to handle violence. In 1948 Lacan wrote an essay on aggressiveness, trying to approach the...

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Vol 36 (2) 2018 – Nothing less than the object a

Vol 36 (1) 2018 – Bouwstenen voor het klinisch begrijpen van de alledaagse psychose – Jean-Claude Maleval

Vol 35 (4) 2017 – Varia

Vol 35 (3) 2017 – Einde van een analyse

An extraordinary observatory

In recent years, there has been a call for qualitative research in addition to quantitative research. When we can observe that a change occured within therapy, it is interesting to understand what this transformation has been and to grasp the cause of this change. The...

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Vol 35 (2) 2017 – Een leven in portretten: Lucian Freuds visuele autobiografie

Vol 35 (3) 2017 – Psychoanalysis and Philosophy