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Vol 19 (3) 2001

About Lacanian Practice: Ethics, Technique, and the Clinic versus Today’s Discontent of Desire – Christian Demoulin

The Formation of the Psychoanalyst – Antonio Di Ciaccia

There’s more than the Real. The so-called Abandonment of the Seduction Theory and the Incest Recovery Movement – Marc De Cuyper

Che vuoi: About the “Desire of the Analyst” – Josée Roymans

Remembering versus Repeating – Veroniek Knockaert

Reconstruction of the Symbiotic Origin of the Subject – Jeroen Donckers

With Serge Tisseron: Looking for the Family Secret of Hergé – Filip Geerardyn

The Laws of Repetition, A Meditation – Julien Quackelbeen

The Laws of Repetition, A Meditation

In this meditation, the author enumerates, in reference to his clinical practise as well as to his reading of Freud and Lacan, six laws of repetition: 1. repetition is continuous; 2. repetition operates in function of life; 3. repetition does not come down to mere...

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Remembering versus Repeating

Taking Kierkegaard, i.e. one of Lacan's main references with respect to the notion of repetition, as a starting point, the author firstly situates this reference in Lacan's seminar. It is argued that Lacan confronts Kierkegaard's notion of repetition with the Platonic...

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The Formation of the Psychoanalyst

The formation of the psychoanalyst is not the formation of the psychotherapist. On the one side psychoanalysis and psychotherapy are different. On the other side psychoanalysis includes a therapeutical side. But then that the State can see psychoanalysis as a form of...

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