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Vol 23 (1) 2005

Silently self evident: on memory and fantasy – Antonie Ladan

Attachment and Mentalization – Margit Deben-Mager

Psychoanalysis and Modernity – Antoine Mooij

From Passionate Welcome to Critical Toleration: The History and Future of the Dutch Publications of Freud – Elsbeth Greven

On Applied Psychoanalysis and Applied Literature – Solange Leibovici

The Holy War to end all wars? On tolerance, empathy and compassion – musings along developmental lines. – Adeline van Waning

Psychoanalysis and Modernity

This article gives a rough sketch of psychoanalysis as part of modern culture (modernity) and as participating in the problematic of modern culture (modernity). It starts from the present day lack of interest in psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis is minimally defined by...

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