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Vol 25 (1) 2007

A child is killed – Sara Bergmans

Residential Work within Special Youth Care – Steven Van Daele

The “ontranding” of the psyche – Jeroen Donckers

Overwhelming encounters in Fioretti: On the necessity of the outside for living and working in a child and youth psychiatric ward – Veroniek Knockaert

The nature of the tension between Pedagogic Norms and Psychoanalytic Ethics. Clinical reflections based on work with a seventeen year-old adolescent. – Jens Callens

Working with youth and echoes from the social discourse – Daniëlla Provost

What can educators do with psychoanalysis in their daily institutional practice within a community? On the infantile roots of the desire of the educator. – Peter Walleghem

Attachment and Mentalization

In the past twenty years, attachment research with children and adults has yielded a lot of information on how implicit relational patterns are transferred from parents to their children in the first year of life. A psychoanalytic theory, useful for the treatment of...

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The “ontranding” of the psyche

This article deals with the necessary dynamic between the psyche or movement and the object. The notion of movement serves as a material conception of the psyche, in the same way as the drive, the life-drive and language are material: they exist on the basis of a...

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Residential Work within Special Youth Care

Based on personal experience in a residential setting for adolescent boys within special youth care, the author connects the ‘being difficult to guide’ label of some youngsters, which often results in exclusion from care, to a ‘not wanting’ on the one hand and a...

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A child is killed

The author begins his argument by confronting child murder in the real: in clinical work, in the media, in historical accounts of rituals. Studying ritual child murder within the Inca culture, together with stories of child murder throughout history, allows the author...

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