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Vol 18 (1) 2000

The Mirror Image of the Present: Freud’s Theory of Retrogressive Screen Memories – David L. Smith

Civilization and its Discontents: the position of women. Freud translator of Mill’s “The Enfranchisement of Women” – Michelle Moreau Ricaud

Who’s the Author of Freud’s Works? A Confutation of “A Critique of Freud’s Pre-analytic and Psychoanalytic Dream-theory” by Adolf Grünbaum – Franco Baldini

Migraine: Between Psychosomatic and Hystery? – Huguette Raes

About psychoanalysis, thunderstorms, and other pleasurable things – An interview with Karl Pribram – August 13th, 1999 – Gertrudis Van de Vijver

Autism taken literally: What kind of Changes are offered to autistic Subjects Today? – François Sauvagnat

Psychische behandeling

Hiernavolgend artikel over de psychische behandeling (Freud, 1890a) werd voor het eerst gepubliceerd in Die Gesundheit, een populair-wetenschappelijk boek over geneeskunde. Gedurende lange tijd verdween het uit de aandacht, met als gevolg dat het zowel in de...

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Migraine: Between Psychosomatic and Hystery?

In his discussion of Möbius' book Die Migräne, Freud cautions against the view of migraine as a vasomotoric illness. He speaks enthusiastically about Möbius' detailed treatment of the unresolved issue of causality and the subjective factors of this illness, of...

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