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Vol 18 (3/4) 2000

Lacan’s Doctoral Thesis: Turbulent Preface or Founding Legend? – Olga Cox-Cameron

A Question of Ethics: Dream Interpretation and the Danger of Acting Out – Patricia McCarthy

The Addicted Subject caught between the Ego and the Drive: The Post-Freudian Reduction and Simplification of a Complex Clinical Problem – Rik Loose

The Place of Acting Out in Psychoanalysis: From Freud to Lacan – Alan Rowan

Lacan and the Sophist – Indications of the Logic of the Subject – Barry O’Donnell

The Origins of Freud’s Theory of the Unconscious: A Philosophical Link – Aviva Cohen

The Transmission of Trauma – An Analysis of the Possible Place of Deferred Action in passing on the Effects of Trauma – Tom McGrath

The Transmission of Trauma

Arising from the work of Fonagy and others, the question of the transmission of the effects of trauma is examined, particularly in the context of holocaust trauma and the survivors. Possible mechanisms are explored and the place of Freud's notion of deferred action is...

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