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Vol 19 (4) 2001

What is at Stake in Lacanian Theory – Christian Demoulin

On Mania or the Metonymical Derailment: a Reading of Binswangers Über Ideenflucht -Piet Vanclooster

Vygotsky and Winnicott: a Theoretical Underpinning for the Importance of Play in Child-Analysis – Jeroen Donckers

Peirces Concept of a Sign and the Lacanian Signifier – Bart De Lepeleire

The Treatment of the Signifier for Children with Autism – Luc Moreels

From the Mirages of Knowing to the Docta Ignorantia, a reading of “Variantes de la cure-type” – Veroniek Knockaert

Logical time. A concept illustrated by the clinic – Mark Adriaensen

What is at Stake in Lacanian Theory

It is argued that what is at stake in psychoanalytic theory, is first of all psychoanalytic practice, i.e. the endeavour to guide the psychoanalyst in bringing his conception of his experience above the level of common sense knowledge. Secondly, psychoanalytic theory...

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