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Vol 32 (2) 2014

In Search for Nearly Forgotten Words – Jo Smet

Her Voice: On the Cinematic Representability of the Coming into Being of Woman – Silvia Defrance

Between Railway Spine and PTSD – Gregory Bistoen

Ill Fares Society: The Paradoxical Return of Nervousness – Jan Vandenbergen

Gaze and responsibility in Akira Kurosawa’s Rashōmon – Filip Geerardyn

Between Railway Spine and PTSD

A hundred years ago the world witnessed the start of an armed conflict unlike anything that preceded it. A series of initiatives to commemorate the human suffering involved typically used the framework of psychic trauma to understand what had transpired. Although such...

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In Search for Nearly Forgotten

The oedipus heralds the loss of the pre-symbolic identity of the subject, that is forced to live, to think and to talk in a common language. Unspoken, preverbal identity elements are abandoned. Poetry is perhaps a form of language that brings to mind these pre-oedipal...

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