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Vol 24 (3/4) 2006

The absurdum of another logic: Construction in psychoanalysis – Katrien Steenhoudt

The unnameable voice of Beckett – Jeroen Donckers

The Obsessional-Neurotic Immunisation Strategies of Fernando Pessoa – François Levrau

Treatment of the actual neurosis: a case study – Samuel Markey

The loss of thinking-defence in a case-study of prefrontal brain injury – Wouter Smits

On the objectification of the psyche as a living structure: An epistemological study of Freud’s public and private writings 1890-1900 – Veroniek Knockaert

Hysterical and obsessive-compulsive depression: a psychometric study – Mattias Desmet

The unnameable voice of Beckett

What is there to say when there is no story, how to speak about the experience of reading, of reading Beckett. Not speaking about, but within a text, to continue the text, not deprived of hysteria, to start saying something else with the same words, always a new...

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