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Vol 20 (3) 2002

Oedipus. Myth and Tragedy – John Devreker

Oedipus, with or without his “Complex”, the Myth of the Male Truth – Freddy Decreus

Oedipus, Freud’s dream – Christian Demoulin

“The Readiness is All” or How Shakespeare Read Freud – Filip Geerardyn

Freud and the Lodge “Wien” of the B’nai B’rith. On the Modernity of the Reflections on Jewish Identity – Willy Szafran

Some Thoughts on “Empty” and/or “Full” Speech – Julien Quackelbeen

Time in obsessional neurosis – Mark Adriaensen

Psychoanalysis and Education: Is it possible to fail successfully? An exploration starting from D.W. Winnicott – Jeroen Donckers

On the enchantment of angels, some remarks on love at first sight – David Van Bunder

Time in obsessional neurosis

The way in which obsessional neurosis is dominated by the attempt of the subject to liberate itself from the grasp of the mother is illustrated with a fragment from the analysis of an obsessional man. Both the castration of the mother and the problematic character of...

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Oedipus, Freud’s dream

It is argued that Freud's analysis of Sophocles' Oedipus Rex should be read in the context of his Interpretation of Dreams. There it figures in the chapter on typical dreams of the death of beloved persons, dreams from which Freud infers a murderous desire directed to...

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Oedipus. Myth and Tragedy

It is argued that, originally, archaic desire for the mother and hate for the father, i.e., the feelings referred to by Freudian psychoanalysis in its theory of the Oedipus complex, were not implied in the Greek myth. Having defined (i) the latter as a complex and...

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