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Vol 23 (3/4) 2005

Opera(tic) Music as Conveyor of the Unspoken – Sabine Lichtenstein

The Maulwerke 2005 by Dieter Schnebel and the Kunstarbeidersgezelschap – Pat Jacops

Mishima’s “L’école de la chair”: The Educational Drive and Other Aspects of Perversion – Julien Quackelbeen

Psychoanalytic Pedagogy put to the Test through the Work in ‘Zonnelied’ – Ellen Verhoeven

Freud and the Metaphors of Writing – Helena De Preester

On the Drive-like Status of Knowledge – Robert Flamant

Approaching the Impossible – Jeroen Donckers

Freud’s Use of Construction: Contribution to the History of Psychoanalytic Technique – Filip Geerardyn

Approaching the Impossible

Working with psychic suffering one is often confronted with feelings of impotence. Yet this is not a necessary consequence of the impossibility proper to the professions of educating, analysing or governing. Throughout the essays of Imre Kertész, the impossibility –...

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On the Drive-like Status of Knowledge

The first part of this paper investigates the status of knowledge. Starting from the general question of whether knowledge can prevent Evil, it is argued that in the particular case of Martin Heidegger reason was powerless against hatred. Next, the question posed by...

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Freud and the Metaphors of Writing

In this paper, our point of departure is Plato's Phaedrus-dialogue, in which the role and meaning of writing for memory are assessed, focusing special attention on Plato's evaluation of writing. The use of writing-metaphors in elaborating the model of the psychic...

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