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Vol 36 (3) 2018

Talking about trauma: could I, would I, should I? – Kimberly Van Nieuwenhove

Le dansêtre – on psychoanalysis and dance – Fran De Cuyper & Dries Dulsster

Dancing as Delila – Bernd Van Belle

The clinical interpretation of Don Quixote – Bart Rabaey

Verslaving en Wanverhouding – Stijn Vanheule

Taal als Vergif – Een psychoanalytische Visie op Vertrouwen en Wantrouwen – Abe Geldhof

Werkingsmechanismen in de lacaniaanse Psychoanalyse – Een klinisch-conceptueel Onderzoek vanuit het Onderwijs van J. Lacan – Glenn Strubbe

The clinical interpretation of Don Quixote

In this contribution we take a psychoanalytic look at the novel The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra. We follow the clinical adventures of Don Quixote and the diagnostic interpretations he comes across on his journey. We...

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Dancing as Delila

This paper starts by addressing a number of common interpretations of love. Initially we recognise a conceptualisation of love as a ‘compatibility degree’, interspersed with an idyllic and rational set of ideas where the other is searched for as a duplicate of...

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