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Vol 32 (3) 2014

Nothing for nothing: Lacan and language in the 1950’s – Clare-Aloyse Murphy

Playing with Autism and Outsider Art – Leni Van Goidsenhoven

Clinical Considerations about Addiction: In Search of the Addicted Subject – Bart Rabaey

Family Secret Revisited – Filip Geerardyn & Jaap van Hoewijk

Family Secret Revisited

When Jaap van Hoewijk discovered in 1997 that his father had not died in a motor accident, as he and his sisters had been told 23 years before, but rather had committed suicide, he decided to make a documentary about this discovery. The interview revisits the...

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Playing with Autism and Outsider Art

Throughout the twentieth century, autism has been variously interpreted and as a result has become a flexible signifier. Over the last decade, both the academic world and popular culture have paid particular attention to the self-expression of people living on the...

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