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Vol 20 (2) 2002

Interior Designs. Approaches to the Mind in the Greco-Roman World – Josine Blok

Repression in Antiquity? – Charles Stewart

Medieval Dreams. A Sample of Historical and Psychological Criticism – Rudi Künzel

Bertulf or Galbert? Considerations Regarding a Sample of Historical and Psychoanalytical Criticism of Medieval Dreams – Jeroen Deploige

Purity and Danger in Fin-de-Siècle Culture: A Psycho historical Interpretation of Wagner, Stoker and Zola – Arnold Labrie

Mentalities of Political Catholicism in Austria – Eveline List

Freud and the Haizmann Affair – Christian Renoux

Freud and the Haizmann Affair

In 1923 Freud published an essay on the application of psychoanalysis to a case of demonic possession and liberation through exorcism in baroque Austria. For the psychoanalyst working with archival material, it is a matter of rediscovering neurotic ailments under a...

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Repression in Antiquity?

Freud made the assumption that the ancients were not repressed and this view is widespread today. This paper subjects this idea to critical scrutiny beginning with a consideration of what is understood by the term "repression" itself. Dreams are privileged as a means...

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