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Vol 27 (1/2) 2009

Lacan, Alcibiades and Freud: On Love and Transference – Paul Moyaert

Mè Funai: like father, like daughter? Tragic footnotes to the mythic desire of death. – Dieter de Grave

Cain and Abel: The Prodigal Sons of Psychoanalysis? – Jens De Vleminck

The scandalous myth: Psychoanalysis as critical methodology in Barthes’s Mythologies – Maarten de Pourcq

“Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?” The fairy tale on the couch – Stijn Praet

Myth, hunt and sublimation. The Gestaltwandel of the goddess Artemis and the hunter Orion interpreted from a psychoanalytical perspective – Jeroen Lauwers