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Vol 22 (3/4) 2004

Inspiration of the cure or technique? The ethical loneliness of the analyst – Julien Quackelbeen

Writings around Das Ding – Veroniek Knockaert

Some reflections on urgency, crisis and psychiatry – Wim Galle

Reflections on the structure and finality of psychoanalytic interpretations – Samuel Markey

Freud’s “Project” – A purloined letter – Mai Wegener

Symbol and metaphor – Charles Sasse

Care and Repetition: About good, truth and writing – Jeroen Donckers

Art and psychoanalysis: An inspirational encounter – Jean-Pierre Van Eeckhout – Sarah Willems – Els Buytaert

Psychoanalysis: a symptomatic problem

In this article the author explores why psychoanalysts are often seen as troublesome people and why they give so much critique. Foucault stated that in modernity the epistèmè changed: ‘man’ came in the thinking frame and human sciences were born. In his opinion...

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Symbol and metaphor

The symbolic dimension occupies a central position in the constitution of the subject and of the social field. It is argued that the function of the symbol and its effects on the psychical apparatus and on clinical practise are elucidated by psychoanalytic theory ....

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Freud’s “Project” – A purloined letter

The present article, based on more detailed work by the author (Wegener, 2004) deals with Freud's Project of a Scientific Psychology. Taking into account the con¬text in which the manuscript was written in 1895, namely, Freud's correspondence with Wilhelm Fließ, the...

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