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Vol 39 (3) 2021

Editorial Introduction – Commemorating Mass Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego Alexander Miller

Freud’s Mass Psychology Today: Psychoanalysis, Politics and Populism in the Age of Post-Truth Yannis Stavrakakis

On the ‘Absent Cause’ in Freud’s Political Theory: Mass Psychology at 100 Years Etienne Balibar

The Vagaries of the Superego Slavoj Žižek

A Mass Psychology Beyond the Ego: Sympathy, Enthusiasm, and Unconscious Transmission in the Age of Revolution Tracy McNulty

From Mass to Mess: Identification and its Discontents Marcus Coelen and Jamieson Webster

The Human Remains to be Discovered An Interview with Willy Apollon


Abstract: Freud’s analysis of crowd psychology is the final result of the traumatic impact of the Great War. First, he introduced the notion of death-drive as the dimension beyond the pleasure-principle; then, he analyzed the formation of social groups which bring...