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Vol 19 (1/2) 2001

An Introduction to the Introduction of 1914. About the Narcissism of Sigmund Freud – Julien Quackelbeen

On the Death Drive: From Compulsion to Repeat to the Reference to The Thing – Mark Adriaensen

The Death Drive, regarding the Real – Dieter De Grave

Manifestations of Thanatos, when the Demand for Love elicits a Negative Response – Huguette Raes

“Why return?”, On the Notion of the “Wiederkehr” and its Implications for the Clinic of Toxicomania – Veroniek Knockaert

‘Vergänglichkeit’ and Death: a Comment on some Freudian Texts – Hubert Van Hoorde

Suicide and Death-Drives – Christian Demoulin

On Structure and Function in Freud’s Metapsychology: an Historic Approach – David Van Bunder

Suicide and Death-Drives

The death-drive runs as a red thread through a reading of Lacan. Starting from a clinic of suicide, Lacan proposes a theory whih is based on a split that is present at every level of the human structure: the real (biological), the imaginary (narcissistic), the...

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The Death Drive, regarding the Real

Where do we find the link between the Freudian death drive and the Lacanian Real? In this theoretical enquiry we trace the relationship between the growing pains of the death drive and the Real in the writings of Freud and Lacan. With Freud we examine the place of the...

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