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Vol 18 (1) 2000

The Psychosomatic Phenomenon, the Unary Signifier and the Interpretation – Monique Liart

From Francis Bacon to “the Man with the Starfish” – Alain Casse

Psychosomatics versus “passage à l’acte”: where the other “jouissance” (enjoyment) renders the subject speechless – Huguette Raes

The body and the complaint in consultation: some preliminary remarks – Hubert Van Hoorde

Psychosomatics: an Ordering Schema. An Attempt to Integrate a Systemstheoretical and a Psychoanalytic point of view – André Van Droogenbroeck

The body: an anthropo-phenomenological viewpoint – An interview with Maxine Sheets-Johnstone – December 14th, 1996 – Gertrudis Van de Vijver