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Vol 36 (2) 2018

The joke of psychoanalysis – Slavoj Žižek

Lacan’s object small a: an elephant in the room – Jeroen Sollie

The crack in the image: Virginia Woolf and Jacques Lacan on the limits of personality and the emergence of subjectivity – Alexander Venetis MA

Is life but a Pascalian dream? A commentary on Lacan’s louvain lecture – Dominiek Hoens

Black Mirror: from Lacan’s lathouse to Miller’s speaking body – Isabel Millar

The joke of surplus-value and the guffaw of the saint – Dries Dulsster

The joke of psychoanalysis

Lacan's notion of "objet a" designates the paradox of an object which gives body to a surplus over all determinate objects, an object which gives body to a lack constitutive of desire. What happens with this object at the end of the psychoanalytic treatment? The text...

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