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Vol 25 (2) 2007

The poetical identity implosion of Fernando Pessoa – a psychoanalytical reading and interpretation of a literary oeuvre – François Levrau

On Psychoanalytic Technique as foundation for the investigation of Creativity [text] – Filip Geerardyn

“I want to be a parasite in your body”. On a particular case of transference love. – Peter Walleghem

Unhinging the familiar: The uncanny in Henry James’s The turn of the screw – Stijn Praet

Free association: talk! … and the other side? – Wim Galle

The aim of the psychoanalytical cure: to assume existential guilt … and beyond – Katrien Steenhoudt

Free association: talk! … and the other side?

In this article the author tries to problematize and to specify the place of free association within the psychoanalytic cure: this (free?) talking is fundamental to the psychoanalytic method. The starting point is the investigation of some problems in clinical...

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