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Vol 20 (4) 2002

The evolution of the unconscious – David Smith

The Freudian Unconscious? A subversion of evolution as adaptation – Veroniek Knockaert

Evolutionary and psychoanalytic explanations: how to bridge the gap? Comments on “The evolution of the unconscious” by David Smith – Gertrudis Van de Vijver

The unconscious as affect sticking to phonology. Considerations on the role of articulation – Ariane Bazan

Unconscious communication and the resistance of the psychoanalyst – Filip Geerardyn

Evolutionary Psychology and Psychoanalysis. On the Nature of the Unconscious – David Van Bunder

Neglect and anosognosia. A challenge for psychoanalysis. Psychoanalytic treatment of neurological patients with hemi-neglect – Klaus Röckerath

Naturalizing Husserlian Phenomenology: an Introduction – Helena De Preester

The evolution of the unconscious

Psychoanalysis is reconceptualized as the scientific study of conflicting biological propensities. According to neo-Darwinian theory self-deception arose as a result of an evolutionary arms race between intraspecific deception and detection amongst hominids. The...

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