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Vol 24 (2) 2006

The language of violence – Jeroen Donckers

“The Body is a time-bomb”: Urgency and crisis in the transition from youth to adulthood – Wim Galle

Parental Break Up. Clinical guidelines and consequences for education. – Jens Callens

Erik: “I can’t play with all your questions!”. Clinical reflections concerning play and creativity in the work of D.W. Winnicott as a result of a play therapy with a five year old boy. – Peter Walleghem

A fragment of an analysis with a child, or the importance of language for oedipal structuration – Karen Deneckere

The language of violence

This article deals with the question of violence within the context of a school. The central idea is that a tension exists between an experience and the language for that experience, an idea which is brought to the fore by both Freud and the Russian psychologist...

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