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Vol 26 (3/4) 2008

The Changing Subject and Object Positions in the Myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, or Why the Matrixial Philosophy of Bracha Ettinger leads to the Backwards Glance of Eurydice? – Freddy Decreus

Straight through the Mirror: From Dead Ends to New Roads between Myth and Psychoanalysis – Nadia Sels

Jacques Derrida’s La mythologie blanche: La métaphore dans le texte philosophique, or the Myth and/in the Margin – Matthias Velle

Waltharius’ Witz. A Freudian Analysis of Irony in the Waltharius – Michiel Segaert

In the names of the father: god in lacan, judaic or christian? – Matthew Sharpe

Lacan and Girard: sex and non-violence – Marcus Pound

Lacan and Girard: sex and non-violence

This paper brings together the work of Jacques Lacan, the great Christianizer of psychoanalysis, and René Girard, the speculative anthropologist whose study of sacrifice and myth led not only to his rejection of Freud and Lacan but a dramatic conversion to Catholicism...

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