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Vol 21 (1) 2003

“Frotteurism, Fetishism and co”: Rare Sexual Tendencies – Julien Quackelbeen

The Voice and the Invocative Drive – Veroniek Knockaert

Interpretation as/of Fiction. Julia Kristeva’s point of view – Kris Pint

Reflections on the wild growth of the Imaginary in Dissociative Identity Disorder: An approach from the mechanism of identification – Ellen Verhoeven

Forgotten voids in the Gaze. On Melancholia – Katrien Steenhoudt

Sexuality and the Real in Psychosis. Clinical Vignette – Rudi Loontiens

A Neuro-Psychoanalytical Approach of Anosognosia – Thomas Debaenst

The Voice and the Invocative Drive

Lacan introduced the voice and the gaze as two new objects of the drive, besides the anal, oral and phallic object. In this article the author provides a brief overview of the conceptualisation of the voice and the invocative drive in Lacan's seminars. This overview...

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