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Vol 24 (1) 2006

Collecting as Obsession – Frederik De Preester

The Long Way from Folk Art towards Art Brut: The Birth and Development of Leszek Macak’s Collection – Maciej Macak

Collecting – An Addiction – Charlotte Zander

Arnulf Rainer and Outsider Art – Clara Ditz

The Psychopathology of Collectors. Some General Remarks on Psychoanalysis and Collecting – Gérard Wajcman

The Mastering of the Drive in African Art and its Collecting: An Interview with Julien Quackelbeen, March, 2006 – Filip Geerardyn

Violence and Discourse – Christian Demoulin

A Forgotten Manuscript? M. Duras’ La Douleur – Veroniek Knockaert

Violence and Discourse

Using Lacan's notion of capitalist discourse, the author provides support for the comprehension of actual discontent in our civilisation, for the "new symptoms" and for new forms of violence. Capitalist discourse substitutes the normative function of the law with the...

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Arnulf Rainer and Outsider Art

The Austrian artist Arnulf Rainer has been collecting outsider art for half a century already. In the Vienna of the 1950s he himself was regarded as a mad outsider. In 1994 Rainer worked with psychotic artists at the mental hospital in Gugging. His interest is not so...

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Collecting – An Addiction

Not without irony, the author relates the story of the origin and development of what, in the course of about 45 years of collecting, would become probably the world's largest collection of Art Brut, Naive and Outsider Art. Charlotte Zander started collecting as a...

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Collecting as Obsession

In this interview the Paris-based film maker and art brut collector, Bruno Decharme, talks about his passion for collecting works of art. He speaks poetically of his fascination for the works of psychotic patients and of his attempts as a director to capture the...

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