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Vol 20 (1) 2002

About the power of metaphor in poetry and psychoanalysis – Mark Adriaensen

Hysteria’s doing well, in fact she has never had it so good: Reflections starting from Showalter’s Hystories – Marc De Cuyper

Subject and Collectivity: An Interpretation of Lacan’s “Le temps logique” – David Blomme – Dominiek Hoens [text]

How do Institutions deal with the Impossibility in Assistance? – Stijn Vanheule

A case of erotomania – Stefan Verlinden

Repression, the Drive and the End of the Analytic Treatment – Frédéric Declercq

Freud’s Essay on Leonardo: The Debate 1910-2000 – Filip Geerardyn – Piet Vanclooster

A case of erotomania

Psychiatric classification of erotomania yields a variety of possibilities, situating erotomania along a continuum with personality disorders on one end and the schizophrenic disorders at the other end. The "Postulat Fondamental" of de Clérambault breaks with this...

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