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Kaft PP2015(3)

Vol 33 (3) 2015

Psychoanalytical Playing: Psychoanalysis of the Process of Artistic Creation in the Work of Patrick Corillon – Sarah Willems

“Shining” a Light on Psychosis and Triggers to its Violent Expression – Eve Watson

Abstracting the Real in Take Shelter – Cormac Doherty

Pasolini’s “Teorem”: Psychoanalysis of a “New” Subject – Jens Anthoons

A Theoretical Impasse? The Concept of the Symbolic in Melanie Klein and Jacques Lacan – Nikolay Mintchev

The Scandalous Fact of Fetishism: Charcot and Magnan, Binet and von Krafft-Ebing – David Hendrickx

Abstracting the Real in Take Shelter

This paper explores psychosis in Jeff Nichols' 2011 film Take Shelter, bringing into proximity Lacan's concept of foreclosure with Korzybski's concept of abstraction. Lacan conceptualises psychosis as the individual encountering life experiences that cannot be...

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