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Submission guidelines


The following information is necessary for each submission:

  • Title article
  • Name of author(s)
  • Personal information of the author (adress, e-mail, …)
  • Summary of the article in English
  • Keywords in English
  • References


  • Articles should be written starting from a blanco document, do not use templates
  • Do not use ‘Styles’ or ‘Headings’ to lay-out titles.
  • Default font for the entire text: Times New Roman Standard
  • Single spacing throughout
  • Indicate subtitles by adding preceding/succeeding blank lines
  • Paragraphs: indicate through indent first rule 0,5 cm (no additional blank lines between paragraphs)
  • Use footnotes, no endnotes.(also without lay-out)
  • Correct use single/double quotation marks

Send your text as a word-document to: