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Vol. 30 (3) 2012

Deleuze reads Sade and Sacher-Masoch

– Lode Lauwaert

From Vis Viva to Bewegungskraft [motion force]. Freud’s Concept of “Psychic Energy” historicized

– Liesbet De Kock

Psychoanalysis and Philosophy of History: Frank Ankersmit and Eelco Runia on the Relation Between Past and Present

– Anton Froeyman

“Melancholy as a Narcissistic Neurosis in Kristeva’s Soleil Noir”

– Joannes Késenne

Destructive Passion: Freud’s Metapsychology of Hate in “Instincts and their Vicissitudes”

– Jens De Vleminck


I. Kant, Beantwoording van de vraag: wat is Verlichting? [text]

Psychoanalysis: a symptomatic problem

In this article the author explores why psychoanalysts are often seen as troublesome people and why they give so much critique. Foucault stated that in modernity the epistèmè changed: ‘man’ came in the thinking frame and human sciences were born. In his opinion...

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The Violence of Right: Rereading ‘Why War?’

In this contribution, the often neglected correspondence ‘Why War?’ (Freud, 1933b) is presented as the locus classicus of Freud’s account of ‘Right and Violence’. In the discussion with Freud, Einstein’s position appears in the light of Kant’s Toward Perpetual Peace....

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Deleuze reads Sade and Sacher-Masoch

Many psychoanalysts argue that clinicians have a lot to learn from literature. They share the deep-rooted conviction that artists are sensitive to clinical phenomena and that they make visible what is often overlooked by clinicians. Freud, for example, relies on...

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