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Vol 35 (1) 2017

Editoriaal – Junior Ingouf

Mathematical realism and the impossible structure of the real – Samo Tomšič

Cartesian Meditations: unconscious, truth and subjectivity – Jasper Feyaerts

The plague: Freud, Lacan & the crisis of critique – Marc De Kesel

Psychoanalysis beyond good and evil – Bert De Meulder


Interview met Leo Apostel: De psychoanalyse heeft het begrip oorzaak nodig!



Psychoanalysis beyond good and evil

The moral criticism of Nietzsche in Beyond Good and Evil puts the dogmatics behind the philosophy of utilitarianism and deontological ethics at stake. The philosophy of ‘living as art’ and the human rights philosophy are criticised. The subject of autonomy, or the...

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