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Vol 26 (1/2) 2008

L’expérience impliquée – Damien Darcis

Cézanne: From what is inscribed to what is induced – Jean Guiraud

The infinitive augury – Marc Belderbos

Odd and Even – Tanguy de Foy

Pierre Alechinsky’s painted handwriting in the light of graphology: psychoanalytical hypothesis – Sarah Willems

When a bilingual creation enriches a language Bilingual tales (French – Sign Language) and the linguistic consciousness of Deaf signers – Laurence Meurant

Odd and Even

This article is a testimony to the work of an animation workshop over several years within an institution for delinquent girls. Over the course of a series of trials, both with the group of girls and with the institution, a particular position distinguished itself...

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The infinitive augury

This paper on architecture and its effect on the subject tries to clarify the main arguments that support the title: “Architecture, infinitive augury”. Having established the argument –what is architecture about - and having indicated its essential aspects , the...

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The implied experience

This text aims to explore the political implications of the creative act of painting. The author refuses to describe creation within that field of creative art which is defined purely by its own history. His goal is to broaden this field by questioning it and also to...

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