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Vol 34 (4) 2016

Esprit de corps, Work transference and dissolution: Lacan as an organizational theorist – Dany Nobus

The Future of an Illusion: Phenomenology and Psychoanalysis – Jasper Feyaerts

The Logic of the Subject in Conflict with Involuntary Commitment – Davinia Schoutteten

Kwaliteitszorg, Psyche, Lichaam, Regels, Agressie – Joyce van der Heijden

The Wanderings of Jouissance, with the Object a in the Pocket: On  Differential Diagnosis in Psychosis – Dries Dulsster

The Function of the Gaze and the Mother-Child Relationship in the Subjectification of a Physically Disabled Child – Bram Deeren

Lacan’s analytic goal: Le sinthome or the feminine way – Paul Verhaeghe & Frédéric Declercq

Borderline – Lieven Jonckheere


As a diagnosis, borderline constitutes the intersection of all postfreudian errors concerning anxiety. On the side of the analyst the borderline-diagnosis avoids his horror towards his own act, his traumatic anxiety towards the real of his desire or his discourse...

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