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Vol 33 (1) 2015

Freud reads Krafft-Ebing: A short Genealogy of Sadism - Jens De Vleminck

No Oblivion for Sadomasochism: Sociological Questions and Suggestions - Gert Hekma

Klossowski's Laws of Hospitality: A mise-en-scène of the Perverse Structure - Katrien Vuylsteke-Vanfleteren

Terror, Negation, and Writing, Blanchot's Reading of Sade - Lode Lauwaert

Looking for Tracks in Lacan's "Kant avec Sade" - Alain Pringels

May 062015

In the middle of the last century, numerous French thinkers were interested in the literary works of D.A.F. de Sade, among them Lacan and Blanchot. Blanchot saw Sade as the ideal writer and this author argues that Blanchot’s assertion was based on a conceptualisation of Sade’s literature as revealing both the materiality and the autonomy […]

May 062015

A substantial part of Pierre Klossowski’s philosophical writings is dedicated to the works of Marquis de Sade, but Sade’s influence can also be traced in his literary and visual oeuvre. In his play Roberte, ce soir, Klossowski dramatizes scholarly Octave’s quest for the ultimate realization of his wife Roberte. He wants Roberte to be actualized […]

May 062015

Sadomasochism is a very interesting sexual orientation that touches upon various important social questions around risk and violence, pleasure, play and pain, bondage and consent, ritual and reality, private and public, gender, (in)equality, power, and transgression. Because sexuality is often perceived as private and natural, little discussion is devoted to these pivotal social and sexual […]

May 062015

This contribution presents a reconstruction of the way the concept of sadism was introduced and anchored in psychoanalytic metapsychology. It focusses on the first two editions (1905 and 1910) of Freud’s Three Essays on the Theory of Sexuality. Freud’s singular indebtedness to Krafft-Ebing is emphasized. Subsequently, it is argued that Freud’s selective reading of Krafft-Ebing […]