Vol 32 (1) 2014

What is playing? - Marie-Pierre Lassus

The Space of Play and Psychoanalysis - Marie Lenormand

The Fabrication of the Story Line: Fantasy and Creation of Narrative Fiction in Patrick Corillon's Work - Sarah Willems

The Play-Drive and the Cosmic Child - Holger Schmid

Play and Pictorial Space in Collective Works by CoBrA Movement - Emmanuelle Duguet

Isabelle Le Gouic's Play on Words - Anouck Cape

Isabelle Le Gouic’s Play on Words

For several years, Isabelle Le Gouic has been developing a multifaceted work combining poetry, drawing and music. The relationship to space, conceived as a psychic space as well as a game, is fundamental in her creations. Her literary work is based on sets of skilful puns addressing complex issues. Isabelle Le Gouic’s unique trajectory, involving [...]

Play and Pictorial Space in Collective Works by CoBrA Movement

In the shared space around a work, the one who draws and the one who watches actually do the same thing: they play with matter and imagination. Based on playing and spontaneity, CoBrA movement collective creations were an opportunity to mix up the “distributions” (Rancière, 2000, 1987) in art experience. Arriving at this point has [...]

The Play-Drive and the Cosmic Child

Starting from the concept of a “play-drive” as introduced by Friedrich Schiller in his Letters on Aesthetic Education, the present study explores this concept at the interface of the crossroads between philosophy, anthropology, and aesthetics. In order to grasp what may be called the “space” of these phenomena, reflection must engage the relationship between Ancients [...]

The Space of Play and Psychoanalysis

Many psychoanalytic theories address the question of the space of play. Based on Freud, the author first of all tries to show that the originality of psychoanalysis lets us consider the space of play as a scene (Bühne) which opens onto the Other Scene, the unconscious. A structural analogy between play space and tragic scene [...]

What is playing?

Playing, for a musician, is not reducible to the production of notes but involves entering into resonance with the movement of music through different levels of integration of the gesture. Between sounds and silences a “space in movement” wells up, creator of a new subjectivity, always “to be born” like the music itself. This opening [...]