Kaft PP2014(4)

Vol 32 (4) 2014

Lacan's encounter with a Buddhist statue and the gaze as objet a - Alistair Black¬

Viral pandemics, Transhumanism and bio-art gadgets: A Lacanian reading of Dan Brown's Inferno - Hub Zwart

On the Staging of Fundamental Fantasy, Jouissance and Gaze in Stanley Kubrick's Cinematography: A Lacanian Perspective - Wim Matthys

Lacan's Conceptualization of Jouissance in Psychosis: A Systematic Study of his Work - Abe Geldhof

Beyond the "Black Box" of the Therapeutic Community: A Qualitative Psychoanalytic Study - Virginie Debaere

Jan 182015

This text is the written version of the public defence of my doctoral thesis which took place on September 22nd, 2014 in “Het Pand” in Ghent. It describes an analysis of the functioning of Therapeutic Communities (TCs) using a variety of qualitative methodologies and a psychoanalytic frame for interpretation. An important finding is that the […]

Jan 182015

In his PhD defence the author discusses the theoretical evolution of the Lacanian concepts jouissance and psychosis. He analyses how nuanced shifts in Lacan’s thinking on psychosis influence his theory on jouissance, and vice versa, and how changes in his conceptualization of jouissance force a reconsideration of his theory of psychosis. This is done based […]

Jan 182015

This essay is based on the public defence of a dissertation in which the cinematography of Stanley Kubrick is analysed in light of Lacan’s concepts of fundamental fantasy, jouissance and gaze. Four of Kubrick’s films are discussed and located in the academic literature and the methodological and theoretical frameworks are outlined. In the thesis it […]

Jan 182015

This article reads Dan Brown’s best-selling novel Inferno (2013) not as a cinematic techno-thriller, but as a “science novel”: a literary document that allows us to discern some of the tensions, paradoxes and inner dynamics of virology as a contemporary (“hyper-scientific”) biomedical research field. It will be argued that Inferno can help us to “assess […]

Jan 182015

The article examines Lacan’s use of a personal experience recollected from his recent vacation in Japan, recorded in Seminar X (1962-1963) Anxiety. This experience occurred in connection with a Japanese Buddhist statue, and the contemplative relation Lacan observed with respect to it. Lacan utilises his recollection of this experience in his teaching activity, specifically to […]