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The author describes from a publisher’s point of view the history of the Dutch Freud-publications in the twentieth century. The focus is on several publishers who pub¬lished the work of Freud for the Dutch market, or who took the initiative to do so, like S.C. van Doesburgh, De Wereldbibliotheek, De Bezige Bij and Uitgeverij Boom. The author clarifies how these publishers held key positions in the network of translators, edi¬tors, journalists and professionals like psychoanalysts. Three periods can be distinguished in the history of the Dutch Freud-publications: 1912-WW I, the introduction of Freud; WW I-1950, the popularization of Freud; and 1960-1990, the canonization and criticism of Freud. Several publications of Freud and their critical reception are described, to show how an author like Freud has found his way into the Netherlands, and how several players on the market contributed to this. Also, the new scientific edition of Freud (Works), ar¬ranged chronologically and being prepared now by Boom Publishers, is introduced. Is there a future for Freud in the Netherlands and Flanders in the twenty-first century?