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Anna G. & Sigmund Fr.: There is no Sexual Relationship. The Use of Freud’s (Counter)transference and the Question of Femininity

The publication of the diary of Anna G. has provided a new resource for the examination of the course of a psychoanalytic cure with Freud. The way in which Freud handled the (counter)transference and its effect on the femininity of his analysand is examined by analysing the diary as a form of free association. This method will allow us avoid the pitfalls of most other commentators. A slip of the tongue of the analysand (concerning Schnitzler’s Die Hirtenflöte) seems to hold the key to the transference in this cure.

Odd and Even

This article is a testimony to the work of an animation workshop over several years within an institution for delinquent girls. Over the course of a series of trials, both with the group of girls and with the institution, a particular position distinguished itself that allowed the subject to come into existence. It assumes, on behalf of the animator, an involvement both at the level of the transference and at the level of theory. As regards theory, the transference opens a window onto the series Female-Feminine-Femininity which allows for the consideration of a potential encounter which can avoid the sliding of femininity towards criminality. The tapestry of the stakes in the game of roulette allow for the structuring in the game of the testimony that writes itself.