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“The Class Council, Eye and Heart of the Group.” Encounter with an Institutional Class

In this article, the authors question the singularity of “Institutional Pedagogy” (IP). This is not done from a theoretical perspective, but is based on two testimonies that follow the logic of the one by one. This logic does not ignore the fact that “the I.P.” does not exist, but rather affirms that it has to be re-invented continually. Furthermore the effects that are structured are almost always a by-product. First we follow Aïda Vasquez in the classroom of Fernand Oury, where she went to learn from Oury and his pupils about I.P. In the second part we follow Pascal Paulus who has lived and worked in Portugal for the last 25 years. We witness what happens during a Class Council in the Amélia Vieira Luís school in Outurela e Portela (Lisbon). It questions how the unpredictable can drive work in the class without this work being overwhelmed by it. We see how the Class Council plays a central role in all of this.