Vol 34 (1) 2016

Editoriaal - Eline Trenson

In Memoriam: Julien Quackelbeen (28/02/1935-24/09/2016) - Filip Geerardyn

Individualisten aller landen, verenigt u! Over Villa Voortmans Utopia -  David Schrans

Interacties tussen neurotische symptomen en interpersoonlijke dynamieken doorheen psychodynamische psychotherapie: Vier empirische gevalstudies - Shana Cornelis

Trauma voorbij het biomedische paradigma: Denksporen voor een subjectgerichte en contextuele traumabenadering - Gregory Bistoen

Walking Back to Happiness (2010) herbekeken: Een interview - Filip Geerardyn & Pascal Poissonnier

Van institutie naar discours: "Texte d'humeur" - Julien Quackelbeen

Mar 082017

This critical analysis of both the foundation and the organisation of the psychiatric institution, and of the way in which staff function and patients are treated, shows that unconscious mechanisms of the human psyche rule the institution in the same destructive manner as they do in the outside world. The institution is not a rational […]

Mar 082017

This interview investigates the making of Pascal Poissonnier’s (1973) film Walking Back to Happiness (2010) in which the cineast recounts how he uncovered a long-held family secret concerning the identity of the natural father of his father. The dialogue focusses, on the following aspects: 1. The effect of the camera on speech; 2. Fatherhood and […]

Mar 082017

This article provides a succinct overview of the structure and key findings of a psychoanalytically inspired theoretical doctoral thesis on psychological trauma. Starting from four core criticisms directed at the hegemonic, biomedical PTSD-model of trauma, the author makes use of the works of Jacques Lacan, Alain Badiou and Slavoj Žižek (amongst others) to develop a […]

Mar 072017

This article is a version of an oral presentation delivered on 22/09/2016 as part of the public defence of a doctoral dissertation entitled “Interactions between neurotic symptoms and interpersonal dynamics throughout psychodynamic psychotherapy: Four empirical case studies” (2012-2016, Department of Psychoanalysis and Clinical Consulting of Ghent University, funded by the Special Research Fund). It provides […]