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Howard Shevrin and the Shevrin Lab

Prof. Howard Shevrin is both a renowned psychoanalyst and a distinguished scientist with hundreds of scientific publications covering both (neuro-) scientific and psychoanalytic journals. He received the Sigourney Award in recognition of his achievements in applied psychoanalysis and research (2003) and the Pfeffer Prize for the best paper in the field of neuropsychoanalysis (2004). He has founded the Ormond and Hazel Hunt Laboratory for the study of Conscious and Unconscious Processes at the University of Michigan. His research has lead to empirical support for two fundamental propositions: the existence of (1) a psychological unconscious having cognitive, affective, and motivational properties (see also Snodgrass’ “non-monotonic model” of unconscious processing) and of (2) a qualitatively different organization of these properties from most conscious mental processes, namely following the logic of the primary process (see also Brakel’s empirical test, called GeoCat for “Geometrical Categorization”).