Dec 042017

In an attempt to account for the end (the goal, the direction) of the psychoanalytic treatment, Jacques Lacan has formulated quite a few principles and ideas over the course of his seminars and writings. Amongst these principles, the notion of the ‘traversal of the fantasy’ has come to occupy a priviliged position, despite the fact […]

Aug 222017

This article discusses the influence of Koyré’s epistemology on Lacan’s conception of the real and more broadly on his critical examination of the relation between science and psychoanalysis. The discussion necessitates a systematic return to Koyré, whose visibility in contemporary philosophical and psychoanalytical debates is rather marginal despite his major contribution to the development of […]

Jul 032017

Compared to the major impact Jacques Lacan’s theory of psychoanalysis has had on the widest range of disciplines in the arts and humanities, and in the social sciences, its reception in organizational studies has been relatively slow. This is often explained with reference to the fact that Lacan’s writings are difficult, and that he himself […]

Nov 042015

This article provides a theoretical clarification of “the symbolic” in Kleinian and Lacanian psychoanalysis and argues for further conceptual research into its implications for psychoanalytic theory and clinical practice. What is striking about the Kleinian and Lacanian models is that they are diametrically opposed in the way they conceptualize the subject’s development of the capacity […]

Aug 212012

Cet article est la retranscription de l’interview avec le psychiatre Jean-Claude Polack. Dans la deuxième partie de l’interview, l’interviewé parle de quelques influences théoriques de la Psychothérapie Institutionnelle: Lacan, Pankow, la phénoménologie, la relation entre Guattari et Lacan. L’interview se termine par une réflexion sur la prise en charge des psychotiques en cabinet. Download full […]