Vol 35 (3) 2017

Editoriaal - Jasper Feyaerts

Een buitengewoon observatorium - Dries Dulsster

En rencontrant le gai savoir: La fin de l’analyse comme l’analyse de la fin - Dany Nobus

In The Course Of Events Everything Will Become Clear: Repetition and Temporality in Lacan’s early Seminars - Clare-Aloyse Murphy


La “cassure vocale”:  Trois variations sur la jouissance vocale - Bernard Baas

Angst en object vanuit Lacan - Paul Verhaeghe

Dec 042017

In recent years, there has been a call for qualitative research in addition to quantitative research. When we can observe that a change occured within therapy, it is interesting to understand what this transformation has been and to grasp the cause of this change. The latter is a question that also concerns analysts and for […]

Dec 042017

In an attempt to account for the end (the goal, the direction) of the psychoanalytic treatment, Jacques Lacan has formulated quite a few principles and ideas over the course of his seminars and writings. Amongst these principles, the notion of the ‘traversal of the fantasy’ has come to occupy a priviliged position, despite the fact […]

Dec 042017

This paper looks at how the concepts of repetition and temporality were being conceptualised at the early stage of Lacan’s work in terms of his interest in cybernetics, and explores how repetition and temporality were being brought together within the overarching framework presented in the postface to the seminar on The Purloined Letter. Consideration is […]