Mar 082017

This critical analysis of both the foundation and the organisation of the psychiatric institution, and of the way in which staff function and patients are treated, shows that unconscious mechanisms of the human psyche rule the institution in the same destructive manner as they do in the outside world. The institution is not a rational […]

Oct 282012

This paper reviews the Freudian notion of the “Wiederkehr”, or “return”, as elaborated in Lacan’s Seminar on The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis. Futhermore, the author describes how the possibility of a return is implied in the psychoanalytic intervention strategy on a psychiatric ward for crisis intervention with drug addicts.

Sep 252012

The central focus of this article is the psychoanalytically orientated day-to-day educational work in an institution. We approach this problem from the concept of desire and pose two questions. The first concerns the transference of psychoanalysis in an institution. How can analysts transfer psychoanalysis to educators, nurses or other paramedics during their daily work in […]

Aug 272012

This paper aims to address how the institution functions for the psychotic. People with a psychotic structure often have difficulties integrating into a community and functioning within a social bond. This means that on the level of treatment it is not immediately apparent how to build a lasting therapeutic relationship (and environment). Jean Oury’s institutional […]

Aug 212012

This article is a reflection on institutional work with psychotic people. The myth of Sisyphus serves as a metaphor for the difficulties and possibilities one encounters in this work: on the one hand, the never-ending nature of the work, the laborious progress, the alienating dynamics of the institution; and on the other, the movement, the […]

Aug 072012

L’article essaie de toucher certains éléments présents dans le paysage institu¬tionnel du travail à la Clinique de La Borde. À partir d’une rencontre clinique et inspirés par certains concepts de Félix Guattari et Gilles Deleuze tel que l’inconscient machinique, le devenir, les agencements, nous avons esquissé quelques parallèles avec le champ insti¬tutionnel, l’existence psychotique et […]

Apr 102012

In a letter addressed to Meursault, the stranger in Albert Camus’ novel of the same name, we try to grasp the significance an institution can have for the human being. For instance in the novel it is clear that Meursault is content in his position of the accused. Perhaps the institution functions as a protective […]